Mackenzie Child's “Idea to Launch”

Mackenzie Child is building his new product – a Webflow UI kit titled Hatch – publicly. I love this idea.

This is how he describes the project:

Hatch is a framework & UI kit for Webflow. It's made up of predefined classes, components & layouts to help you work faster and earn more money.

Even though I think the beauty of Webflow is that you have total control over your project and can start completely from scratch, I also find myself rebuilding a lot of the same components when starting a new Webflow project. And I am slightly ashamed to admint that I still don't have a proper class naming system. I'm excited to hopefully improve my Webflow skills by following along with him as he builds this.

You can follow his progress on this Notion page titled Idea to Launch, which he's designed almost like a mini website using Super, a Notion plugin that lets you give your Notion pages custom domains and fonts. He's also vlogging the process on his YouTube channel.

Mackenzie Child featured a project of mine in one of his recent videos, and he's a pretty prominent member of the Webflow community. I'm excited to follow along with this project and see more of his process!