I'm leaving Webflow as a blogging platform

TL;DR: Webflow isn't working for me as a blogging platform, so I'm switching to Medium. You can also subscribe to my newsletter on Substack.

As someone who builds Webflow sites for a living, I wanted to see how it was to go all-in on Webflow as a blogging platform.

And, as I suspected, turns out it's really great at some things, and not so good at others...

There was some really great parts about using Webflow as a blog:

  • I was able to make this completely custom layout, code-free
  • I could use Webflow's CMS to build exactly the fields I needed for the content I wanted to post

But there are some things Webflow really needs to work on before it becomes an appropriate blogging platform for a discering person to use full time:

  • The pricing is way too expensive for me. I mean I could have just built this blog within my other main website and saved the hosting, but I wanted to to be a separate site so it could have the tidy garycolwell.blog domain name. $30 a month CAD is just too expensive for me, especially as just a hobby
  • The writing environment is really just not beautiful enough. The great thing about Substack, Medium, and Svbtle is that the in-browser writing experience is minimal and enjoyable to use
  • Webflow's RSS support is really lacking. As a big RSS user, it's important to me for my blog to have amazing RSS support for my readers, so that they can enjoy the blog in the way that they want to. Webflow does support RSS, but for some reason I can't link up my Rich Text element to the feed, so there's no way to embed the whole article into my feed. I have to have a preview text where I put the first couple sentences of the body in, and then that's what people see in their RSS reader. I really want to be able to put the whole blog post into the RSS feed.

I know that these are big asks for Webflow. I would love for Webflow to one day become better for bloggers, but with the current stuff it gets mostly there, and if they introduced new features to make the product work even better for bloggers, maybe they would have to compromise on what makes Webflow so amazing for business websites. Like I could see them introducing a new blog-post editor but would that somehow impede on the power of the CMS when it's used for non-content marketing purposes? 

Anyway, I've heard recently that Medium has introduced some new features to add more custom layouts to your page, so I'm going to switch to that. Feel free to check out my profile on Medium and if you ever want to chat with me about Webflow or anything else, hit me up on my Contact page on my main website.